COMPOSTING #50: Rebuild

Starting again, enduring, and moving on. As the deluge currently extinguishes the remaining fires in Australia, we ask, What does the beginning of the end look like? And how might we think and proceed through the horrors of the fire? This month, the virtual compost pile opens up space to imagine what comes next for each of our lives and for our thinking through and out of fiery focus.

  • Readings:

The online reading group has not yet managed to discuss the readings discussed at CSAA and at the first 2020 meeting in Sydney. So we are going to try. Please read any or all – this selection forms the backbone of your discussion and whatever you read can inform your entry point.

Nigel Clarke and Kathryn Yusoff “queer fire: ecology, combustion and pyrosexual desire

Alexis Wright, We all smell the smoke, we all feel the heat

Alexis Wright, Deep Weather

Audre Lorde, A Litany for Survival

“The Burden of Remaking the World”:

Marjorie Banard, “The Dry Spell

The Minefield (With Waleed Aly and Natasha Myers) “After the fires, are we invited into moral communion with trees?”,-are-we-invited-to-moral-community-with-trees/11901494


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