In this 42nd COMPOSTING we talk about death and its animations. How do we engage with and attend the bodies of the dead, in particular, the unknown and unclaimed? In India a longstanding, entangled, and beneficial relationship between vulture and human has been ruptured. It is a story that extends through the sacred bodies of […]

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COMPOSTING #41: Containers

“Put vegetables in the basket. Put people in the muang. —Thai proverb” [1] From coffee cups to dams, containers hold things for various purposes. Being able to parse the differences in type of container and the politics of different containers is an important task as plastics overflow the ocean and dams dry up. Following from […]

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COMPOSTING #40: Sounding

Sounding implies alternative sensoria of noise, listening, fathoming, seeking. In this month’s on-campus COMPOSTING session we will read about and practice listening as a mode of relating and mattering. Thinking alongside deaf poetics, we will also explore White’s reminder that “there are numerous ways to listen” (White, 2015). Readings/Soundings: Leah Barclay, Listening to Country (soundscape […]

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COMPOSTING #39: Wonder

A wonder is a marvellous object. To wonder is a state of marvel. In this composting session we build on a discussion that began in “decolonizing humour” about the essay by Brandi Nalini McDougall on the act of “wondering”. To wonder implies curiosity that can trigger investigation but, as an object, “a wonder” also might […]

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COMPOSTING #38: Crip Futures

Crip theories, critical access studies, and critical disability studies challenge normative ideas of time, place and “liveability.” Interrogating the intersection of “healthy” environments, body normativities, race, and the neoliberal economization of life, this week’s readings invite us to consider different kinds of futures at the so-called end of the world. Lead Composter: Astrida Neimanis When: […]

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COMPOSTING #37: Emergency

Calls to declare “climate emergency” are spreading around the world. In this COMPOSTING we critically reflect on the notion of emergency and the proliferation of declarations of emergency in relation to climate change. This session is different from others. Rather than reading scholarly work, we will collectively read “primary materials”—the call for the declarations and […]

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