Dissolution, dissipation, conclusion, finish, outflow, ebbing… becoming again. As bodies of water, we are all flowing through one another–leaking, sponging, dripping, seeping. But as bodies of water we are also always becoming something else–unstating and dissolving our watery selves, to feed the liquid hunger of new lively desires. While the source of a river often […]



What might it mean, in the context of planetary trauma, to seek and experience pleasure? What is the relationship between social and environmental justice, activism and ethics, on the one hand, and an attentiveness to and cultivation of what makes us feel good, on the other? In our current contexts of more-or-less social isolation, what […]



Pursuing equality within patriarchal colonial and capitalist economies is a known problem for inclusive feminisms: especially those in the business of deconstructing the binary logics of gender, queering sexualities and pursuing anti-colonial and intersectional justice. And yet, liberal notions of equality remain important to many feminisms. Moreover, and arguably rightly so, inequality within patriarchal colonial […]



Just as the smoke clears, the virus arrives. Given the challenges to respiration over the last few months, this composting is on breathing. What conditions make life breathable, and for whom? Which systems and relations choke and suffocate – and (how) can we cultivate conditions in which all bodies might breathe easy? What might the […]

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Join us for this COMPOSTING special event, a screening of two watery films by Jianni Tien and Bronte Dow, followed by a conversation with Astrida Neimanis. When: Thursday 5 March, 2020 7-9 pm Where: Frontyard, 228 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2024 Viewings: Jianni Tien, HOLO(cene), HaloCline (2020, 10 min): Diving deep into the underground, HOLO(cene) […]

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COMPOSTING #51: Climate Justice

How might we compost “climate justice” with the feminist, queer and decolonial ambits of this group? This set of texts and podcasts address issues of race, gender and political ontology that arise in attempts to ‘decolonise’ climate activism. They might lead us to discuss how fossil capitalism is being enacted and enforced via social-cultural and […]

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COMPOSTING #50: Rebuild

Starting again, enduring, and moving on. As the deluge currently extinguishes the remaining fires in Australia, we ask, What does the beginning of the end look like? And how might we think and proceed through the horrors of the fire? This month, the virtual compost pile opens up space to imagine what comes next for […]

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Root, branch, nest, grow, breathe. Communicate deeply, make your body a home for others, bear witness. At this COMPOSTING session we will learn things from trees. Lead composter: Astrida Neimanis WHEN: Wednesday 12 February 4-5:30 pm WHERE: Under the tree in the garden outside of Astrida’s office window.  (If you don’t know where this is: […]

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