Composting Readings 2017

COMPOSTING #14: Theory in the Mud (Walkshop)

Thursday January 19, 11am-4pm, Astrida Neimanis

Optional Reading

  • Chapter 8 of Haraway, Staying with the Trouble: “The Camille Stories: Children of the Compost”


COMPOSTING #15: Sex in Public

Tuesday, February 14, Jennifer Hamilton

Key Reading

  • Lauren Berlant & Michael Warner “Sex in Public” Critical Inquiry 2 (Winter, 1998): 147-566 ; Sarah Ensor “Queer Fallout: Samuel Delany and the Ecology of Cruising” Environmental Humanities (Forthcoming, 2017).

Optional Reading:

  • Maggie Nelson The Argonauts (Minneapolis: Greywolf Press, 2015);
  • Nicole Seymour “‘Ranch Stiffs’ and ‘Beach Cowboys’ in the Shrinking Public Sphere: Sexual Domestication in Brokeback Mountain and Surf Party” in Strange Natures: Futurity, Empathy, and the Queer Ecological Imagination (Urbana, Chicago & Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2013): 105-146.


COMPOSTING #16: Entangled Plant Embodiment

Tuesday, March 14, Bryn Hutchinson

Key Reading

  • Leopold, A 1966, A Sand County Almanac, Ballantine Books, New York, pp. 9-17.
  • Myers, N 2016, ‘From Eden Apocalypse to Gardens Against Eden’, in Plants and people in and after the Anthropocene in Infrastructure, Environment and Life in the Anthropocene (Ed) Kregg Hetherington (Under Review) pp. 1-35.

Optional Reading

  • Gagliano, M 2016, ‘Seeing green; the rediscovery of plants and nature’s wisdom’, in P Vieira, M Gagliano & J Ryan (eds), The green thread: dialogues with the vegetal world, Lexington Books, London, pp. 19-35.
  • Marder, M 2013 Plant-Thinking; a philosophy of vegetali life, Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 54-90.


COMPOSTING #17: Graphic Temporality

 Tuesday, May 9, Thomas Wickert

Key Reading

  • McGuire, R 2014, Here, Pantheon Books, New York 
  • Roberts, M F Simone 2012, ‘Écriture Futuriste’, in Henriette Gunkel, Chrysanthi Nigianni and Fanny Söderbäck (eds), Undutiful daughters: New directions in feminist thought and practice, Palgrave Macmillan: New York  pp. 49-61.

Optional Reading

  • McCloud, S 1993, ‘Time Frames’, in Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art, Tundra Publishing: M.A, pp. 94-109.


COMPOSTING #18: Energy

Thursday, May 25, Meet the author with Stephanie LeMenager

Key Reading

  • “When Energy is the Focus: Methodology, Politics, and Pedagogy, A Conversation with Brent Ryan Bellamy, Stephanie LeMenager, and Imre Szeman” Postmodern Culture 2 (2016)
  • Excerpts from Living Oil: Petroleum Culture in the American Century (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014) [Prologue, Introduction, and Epilogue]

Optional Reading

Optional Listening


COMPOSTING #19: Walking as Epistemic Practice

Tuesday, Aug 8, Abby Mellick Lopes and Ali Crosby

Key Reading

  • Ingold, Tim 2004, Culture on the ground: the world perceived through the feet. Journal of Material Culture, 9(3): 315-340.

  • Solnit, Rebecca 2001, Rising and Falling: The Theorists of Bipedalism, in R. Solnit’s Wanderlust: A history of walking. Penguin, pp. 30-45.

Optional Reading

  • Solnit, R 2001, ‘Walking After Midnight: Women, Sex, and Public Space’ in R Solnit’s Wanderlust: A history of walking. Penguin, p.232-239.
  • Debord, G. 1956 [1958] Theory of the dérive. Available online: 
  • Ingold, T 2010, ‘Ways of mind-walking: Reading, writing, painting.’ Visual Studies, 25(1): 15-23.
  • Knorr-Cetina, K. 2001, ‘Objectual Practice’ in Schatzki, T., Knorr Cetina, K. and Von Savigny, E. The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory. London, Routledge, pp. 184-197. Available online:
  • Walking lab:
  • Walking artists’ network:
  • Heddon, D. and M. Myers 2017, The walking library: mobilising books, places, readers and reading. Performance Research, 22(1): 32-48.


COMPOSTING #20: Military Ecologies

Tuesday, Sep 5, Lindsay Kelley, Astrida Neimanis and Susan Reid


COMPOSTING #21: What would animals say if we asked the right questions?

Tuesday, Oct 10, Undine Sellbach

Readings TBA


COMPOSTING #22: Elemental Kinships

Tuesday, Nov 21, Susie Pratt

Readings TBA


COMPOSTING #23: Going Underground / Fieldtrip-Walkshop

Thursday, Dec 7, Jen Mae Hamilton and Astrida Neimanis

Readings TBA