Root, branch, nest, grow, breathe. Communicate deeply, make your body a home for others, bear witness. At this COMPOSTING session we will learn things from trees.

Lead composter: Astrida Neimanis

WHEN: Wednesday 12 February 4-5:30 pm

WHERE: Under the tree in the garden outside of Astrida’s office window.  (If you don’t know where this is: stand under the Clocktower in the quad, walk straight to the back of the quad and through the archway, down a few stairs – the tree and garden will be on your left. You can also enter Brennan McCallum building from Manning Rd, take the lift to the 4th floor, and exit out Brennan McCallum to the tree garden, without any stairs in your way. See map below!)

**RAIN LOCATION** If raining, we will meet in the Kevin Lee Room, Main Quad H604, the University of Sydney

NOTE ON ACCESSIBILITY: The Kevin Lee Room is accessible by elevator from the Main Quad – enter at Lobby H and take the lift to the 6th floor, turn left. However, accessibility on campus is frustrating and insufficient. The only way to access the Quad without any small steps in the way is to enter at Lobby A (front, under the clock tower) or Lobby P (north side, from Science Road). If you are coming from the South, you can enter Brennan McCallum on Manning Road (this entrance is already on floor 3), then take the lift to the 8th floor of Brennan. Exit the elevator, turn left and travel to the end of the hallway, and go through the doors that adjoin Brennan and the Main Quad. Voila, you are on 6th floor of the Quad (floor numbers don’t match up!) right at Kevin Lee.

BRING:  a blanket to sit on, some snacks, a beverage!


Adrienne Rich “What kind of times are these”

Nayuka Gorrie, “The government wants to bulldoze my inheritance”

Robin Wall Kimmerer “Maple Nation: A Citizenship Guide” from Braiding Sweetgrass


Listen (optional):

Robin Wall Kimmerer ‘The Intelligence of all kinds of life’ (listen to the podcast or read the transcript)

The Minefield (With Waleed Aly and Natasha Myers) “After the fires, are we invited into moral communion with trees?”,-are-we-invited-to-moral-community-with-trees/11901494

IMAGE: David Midgley, Eucalyptus Haematoma (Scribbly Gum) from Creative Commons Licence

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