COMPOSTING #40: Sounding

Sounding implies alternative sensoria of noise, listening, fathoming, seeking. In this month’s on-campus COMPOSTING session we will read about and practice listening as a mode of relating and mattering. Thinking alongside deaf poetics, we will also explore White’s reminder that “there are numerous ways to listen” (White, 2015). Readings/Soundings: Leah Barclay, Listening to Country (soundscape […]

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COMPOSTING #39: Wonder

A wonder is a marvellous object. To wonder is a state of marvel. In this composting session we build on a discussion that began in “decolonizing humour” about the essay by Brandi Nalini McDougall on the act of “wondering”. To wonder implies curiosity that can trigger investigation but, as an object, “a wonder” also might […]

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