Root, branch, nest, grow, breathe. Communicate deeply, make your body a home for others, bear witness. At this COMPOSTING session we will learn things from trees. Lead composter: Astrida Neimanis WHEN: Wednesday 12 February 4-5:30 pm WHERE: Under the tree in the garden outside of Astrida’s office window.  (If you don’t know where this is: […]

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“Now, as before the fire, it is a constant shift of focus from wide view to detailed view. The details are just differently focused. How to hold the longer story in view while attending to the immediate. How to be patient and understanding in the face of so many differing emotions, energies and approaches. How […]


COMPOSTING #45: Drought&Fire

Astrida and Jennifer will be co-hosting COMPOSTING #45 as part of this year’s CSAA conference, attendance IRL and Online. As we make our way to the conference, the eastern parts of Australia are gripped by drought and ablaze. In order to workshop composting’s methodologies at the conference, we will hold a reading group themed “Drought&Fire” […]

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Alexandra Crosby and Jesse Adams Stein are interested in what happens when we consider repair as a design practice. Can thinking through repair help us make connections between design studies, feminism and the environmental humanities? When: Wed Nov 27 4 – 5:30 pm Where: SOPHI Common Room (Brennan MacCallum 822) Lead COMPOSTERS: Ali Crosby & […]

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COMPOSTING #43: Action-Scale

What kind of action does climate emergency* hail? Unable to respond to everything all at once, how to prioritise? What’s the difference between a small action and a big one in a time of “great derangement”? How to we understand the action not only in relation to environment (extinction, warming, drought etc) but human social […]

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