COMPOSTING #46: Unsettling Dialogues

What does it mean to unsettle dialogues?
Where are we talking from, who are we talking to?
What work do settlers need to undertake in order to ethically engage in dialogue with first nations people and knowledge?

This composting will provide a tender space to discuss the risks, responsibilities and possibilities of unsettling dialogues and how we might allow ourselves to be transformed with/in the process.

Lead Composter: This session is lead by Kelly Lee Hickey, a fifth generation settler undertaking decolonising research within the settler location, under the supervision of Tony Birch and Chris Sonn. For more of Hickey’s work go to:
When: 10am – 11.30am, Wednesday 11th December

Required Reading:
Rose, D.B.  ‘Chapter 20: Dialogue’, in K. Gibson, D. B. Rose & R. Fincher (eds), Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene (Punctum Books: Brooklyn, 2015) pp. 127–131.

Birch, A. (2019). Climate Change, Recognition and Caring for Country. [online] Sydney Review of Books. Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2019].

Image by: Kelly Lee Hickey

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