Composting #28: Love Song Dedications (#IWD2019)

This Friday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. The UNE Feminist Reading Group is taking over TuneFM (longest running student radio station in Australia!) for the day. One half of COMPOSTING, Jen Hamilton, has moved to UNE and she has been given the microphone for 2 hours on Friday (1 to 3pm AEDST, GMT +11) to explore the themes of COMPOSTING. If you are not in Armidale to tune into 106.9FM on the radio, the program will be available to live stream on and will be available for download the following Monday.

COMPOSTING 28: Love Song Dedications will comprise of chats to researchers working in Australia in the space of Feminist Environmental Humanities, interspersed with their choice of love songs. Of course, the form of the love song has conventions that will likely be broken by this show. The love song is historically directed towards a single human subject, generally of the opposite sex/gender to the singer. But COMPOSTING #28 begins by both questioning the sex/gender relation between dedicator and dedicatee/s, and also (buoyed by the ecosex movement) invites rethinking of who or, indeed, what counts as a love object/s (and asks, perhaps only implicitly, what counts as the proper kind of attachment worthy of a “love song dedication”?)

During the program host Jennifer Mae Hamilton will be joined by Astrida Neimanis, Mythily Meher and Laura McLauchlan. If you have a dedication of your own please tweet it to Jennifer @ bicycleuser, or email jennifer dot hamilton at une dot edu dot au (with the song and a short explanation of why you are dedicating).

The Feminst Reading Group’s TuneFM take-over is themed “Balance for Best”: this is a slight tweak on the IWD theme “Balance for Better”. We are invoking the dubious Melania Trump campaign “Be Best”; in this move we seek to both participate in the broad celebration of IWD, but at the same time critique the idea of balance; balance is not necessarily the ideal goal, and that balance may not indeed be the “best” (though perhaps it is better than what we have currently?).

IMAGE: “figs” from flickr creative commons, Faith Kashefska Lefever (

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