Composting #24: Cancer Ecologies

Tuesday 20 March, 5-6.30pm | With readings by Camila Marimbio, Nina Lykke, Lindsay Kelley and Jennifer Mae Hamilton

While some social and medical systems understand cancer as a disease that afflicts an individual body, in this meeting we will be thinking about cancer ecologically – what bodies, environments, relationships, flows, and affects does cancer gather, interrupt, facilitate, or destroy? What do feminist, queer, anticolonial and ecological approaches have to say to one another in this context? What are the investments of our own bodies in these discussions?

The Composting group will be taking advantage of Camila Marimbio and Nina Lykke’s visit to Sydney next week to read and discuss their writing on these questions, alongside writing by two of our longtime Composters, Lindsay Kelley and Jennifer Mae Hamilton (by skype).

If you would like to join us, please RSVP to, who will provide you with Camila, Nina, and Jen’s readings (as they are still in draft, we ask that they not be circulated beyond the group.)

Lindsay Kelley’s recently published article, “The Political Life of Cancer: Beatriz da Costa’s Dying for the Other and Anti-cancer Survival Kit,” can be found here.

WHEN: Tuesday 20 March, 5-6.30pm

LOCATION: Brennan McCallum building, Level 8, SOPHI Common Room, the University of Sydney


Photo: Jennifer Mae Hamilton, “Surgical Drains”



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