COMPOSTING #9: Sustainability

Tuesday August 9, 4-5:30 | Rosi Braidotti “Transcendence: Transposing death” | Facilitated by Lisa Heinze

Key Reading:

  • Rosi Braidotti, “Transcendence: Transposing death”, in Transpositions: On Nomadic Ethics (Polity Press: 2006) — in particular pages 205-209 and 246-247 to the end.

Optional Reading:

  • Erik Swyngedouw, “Impossible Sustainability and the Post-political Condition”, in Making Strategies in Spatial Planning, ed. Maria Cerreta et al. (Springer: 2010, pp.185-205)

Composting Questions:

#9composting questions small

Cover image credit: Victimless Leather: A Prototype of Stitch-less Jacket grown in a Technoscientific ‘Body’, Tissue Culture and Art Project (2004)


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